Elsa studied architecture and urbanism at the Universidad Iberoamericana, where she received her degree with honorable mention and obtained the award for the best thesis of the year. Since 2008, Elsa has practiced as a Project Manager in renowned design firms like Esrawe Studio and TEN Arquitectos in Mexico City and New York, worked as Project Lead with Tatiana Bilbao Estudioand as Associate Design Director with 2x4, an interdisciplinary design consultancy headquartered in Manhattan.  Currently, she is a Co-Managing Director at Open Architecture New York, a participant of WIP Collaborative and an independent practicioner based in New York City and CDMX.

She holds a master’s degree in Design Management from Pratt Institute in New York. She developed a holistic understanding of creative management, design thinking, and business strategy to drive her independent practice and to support organizations and design studios as a design consultant.

Having worked in two megacities and international projects outside the Americas, Elsa recognizes the importance of a global dialogue that starts from local differences. Continuously seeking her voice as a professional between places, Elsa is fascinated by the nuances of contrast, the cross-pollination in practice, and the power of interrelationships to preserve diversity.

Experiences include architecture projects in China, South Korea, the USA, Haiti, and Mexico.

Special interests include design research, interdisciplinary design, exhibition design, environmental & social change, technology, and contemporary art.

Elsa is a Registered Architect in New York State and Mexico. 

For a full CV please send a request to elsa@elsaponce.com