Studio Elsa Ponce

Air Filtration and Pollution Visualization System

An integrated air conditioning and filtering system designed to produce the cleanest air in Beijing.

This transparent air feature is a one of a kind example of design, technology, and mechanical engineering innovation within Motorstudio Beijing.

Fall 201

Using activated carbon, ultra-fine glass fibers, and even living plants, the four-stage filter removes more than 99% of all pollution.

Beyond its filtration capabilities, the true sophistication of the system is in the resources it doesn't consume. As it heats, cools, humidifies, and purifies the air, it helps the Motorstudio use just a fraction of the electricity consumed by conventional buildings.

Less electricity means less pollution; less pollution means cleaner air for everyone. It’s a groundbreaking design that shows the way to a more sustainable future.

The Pollution Visualization system is a custom built software designed to interface with the Building Management System in order to pull data, and subsequently visualize information onto screens that are physically installed underneath the Air Filtration System.

The data and visualizations inform visitors about the effects of the building’s Filters on the indoor air quality, in addition to comparative data on outdoor air quality, indoor air quality in other Beijing buildings, historical air quality comparisons, the exhaust system of the building, and more.

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