Studio Elsa Ponce

01.18 Kiosko Pavilion in Mexico City

Third place in the Kiosko 2018 Competition organized by Fundación Alumnos 47 in Mexico City. 

Fundación Alumnos 47, a non for profit publishing house in Mexico City, opened a call for proposals for a temporary pavilion design to offer opportunities for young emerging architects. The proposed pavilion has an undefined shape, or better yet, many shapes and uses that visitors can adapt and control. In response to the diverse activities and projects of Alumnos 47,  the perimeter of the pavilion is activated with multiple uses and the garden where is situated becomes an extension of the project if additional area is required. The systematic design is composed by 3 elements: a scaffolding structure, a family of plywood furniture, and an open shelving system to store and display publications. The matter that composes the facade is books, creating a dense or porous facade depending on daily activities. The pavilion becomes iconic in its context, and generates a spatial condition that encourages active interactions between the object, the user, and the work of Fundación Alumnos 47.  
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