Studio Elsa Ponce

The Apartment at 76 Greene Street, SoHo

With Andrea Steele

The Apartment, an exclusive retail space for The line, is a 2,800 sq ft loft in the heart of Soho where users find storied objects in the intimate context of a home.

Our task for this retail project was to provide the client with space where they could demonstrate value by styling the products in context. They needed an environment with the ability to change with the seasons while remaining a carefully considered canvas for a life well-lived. By introducing a box that hosts the wardrobe, the bedroom gets privacy from the dining and living without the need for full height partitions.
To preserve the spatial experience of the loft, we focused on maximizing the floor area and the introduction of natural light in combination with a minimalistic palette for added flexibility. I carried the role of designer and project architect from concept design through completion.

Images from The Apartment by The Line