Mexico City

Impermanencias (Impermanences) is a research and design project that investigates the value and opportunities of temporary use and self-organized spatial production. In the context of ever-changing conditions of urbanism and development across the world, permanence in architecture cannot be left unquestioned.

Through firsthand investigations comprising interviews, surveys, and on-site observations, this project aims to uncover a fresh set of values and spatial repertoires that introduce real-life alternatives to permanent construction. 

The concept of impermanence provides insights into how architecture can be socially produced, drawing lessons from both architects and non-architects who actively influence communities through purposeful and coordinated temporary initiatives in both rural and urban areas of Mexico.

Impermanencias is a self-initiated project made possible with the support of The National Endowment for Culture and Arts (FONCA) Jóvenes Creadores fellowship

Research Project Participants

Gerardo Montes de Oca from Hagamos Composta
Mariana Martinez Balvanera from Cocina Colaboratorio
Reina Imagawa from Gato Gordo
Andrea de la Torre Suárez y Sofía Casarin from Ruta del Castor Delfín Montañana Palacios from Isla Urbana
Tania Arroyo and Fernando Pérez from Sommos

Nataly Restrepo from Kraut Food Innovation Studio
Carla Hernández and María José Argumedo from Servidor Local
Abril Reyna, Mariana Roma, and Ana Calderón from Zines por Morras