Art Omi, Ghent
Upstate New York
All-In is a site-specific installation designed for Art Omi by WIP Collaborative in the context of the Shared Space—Collective Practices exhibition. While most gallery installations are designed simply to be walked around and contemplated, All-In is an inclusive intervention that invites engagement with users of all ages.

Four unique but cohesive elements come together in the gallery as a dynamic and flexible platform for various uses. Utilizing a range of geometry, materials, colors, and textures, the installation builds on WIP’s focus on creating spaces that offer choice of usage to enable diverse embodied experiences. The elements are open for interpretation by the user as worktable, seating surface, climbing structure, or otherwise. For children participating in creative workshops held in the gallery, the installation invites them to touch, sit, stand, slide, and create on the various surfaces.

All-In also incorporates recycled rubber leftover from WIP’s Tidal Shift public installation at the Shed in the summer of 2022, as a visual and tactile nod to the continuity between WIP’s built works.