Restorative Ground

Hudson Square, Manhattan
New York City
A public streetscape installation in Hudson Square designed by WIP Collaborative. It offers a multifaceted landscape of choice and a new vision for inclusive and immersive public space.

Restorative Ground provides a range of spatial qualities - high and low stimulation, tactile materials, and textures - in order to create an environment that supports a variety of sensory experiences. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the installation utilizes that range of conditions to create distinct experiential zones: focused, active, and calm. During its installation from July to November 2021, Restorative Ground offers a dynamic platform for public life to re-emerge in Hudson Square; a place for individual and collective engagement, recreation, and healing.

WIP collaborators: Abby Coover (Overlay Office), Bryony Roberts (Bryony Roberts Studio), Ryan Brooke Thomas (Kalos Eidos), Lindsay Harkema (WIP), Sera Ghadaki (SERA GHADAKI), Sonya Gimon (3fwild) and Elsa Ponce (Studio Elsa Ponce).